The basic of working with Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon is now doing more or less everything. Amazon is not only providing retail product, they also provide music, cloud computing, video and groceries, even they have opened a few physical bookstores.

Amazon has launched Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) at US, Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and UK.

AMS and PPC aren’t so different

Amazon marketing services is as good as Google AdWords.

As Google AdWords has the advantage of being older, even more popular, there are some important similarities between AMS and AdWords:

  • AMS and PPC both have an application program interface(API)
  • AMS and PPC both are keyword driven
  • Both want to push their automatic-campaign option
  • AMS and PPC both have the limitation, and therefore, opportunities for innovation


The manual approach is best in Amazon Marketing Services

Both Google and Amazon want to create an advertising platform that doesn’t need an expert in-house team or an advertising agency to successfully manage it. This is not because they hate media agency, but because that lowers the barriers to entry. As automated campaigns are easy to set up and manage, meaning that one who is not much familiar with AMS isn’t deterrent to using this features. This is in Google and Amazon’s benefits, as it leads to more customers.

When beginning a new campaign, use Automatic Targeting to research the best-performing keywords. After that funnel from using broad match to exact match keywords.

Reporting, testing and optimization

With Amazon Marketing Services, you can’t do any of these things to the same degree that you can do in Google AdWords, but that should improve over time.

In AMS, with best measurement strategy in place, it’s easy to A/B test a whole range of variations for audience targeting, products, ad types and bidding strategies.


So this will give you a general overview of Amazon Marketing Services. Google AdWords is still PPC superhero, but there are always early-bird benefits in digital media, so let’s pioneer together to take Amazon Marketing Services to the next level!

Yash Mandlesha

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