Boost your search rankings in SERP using only internal linking strategy

Linking content within a website transfers value and importance between web pages. Considerably, more importantly, internal links show your site’s structure. They assist users with navigating and web crawlers to understand your site. A good internal linking strategy makes it simpler for your web pages to be indexed and to rank, and in addition increase conversion rates and CTR for users who can find what they are searching for. Basic principles of internal linking: Internal linking is so powerful that it can (unexpectedly) give unparalleled lifts to generally low-value pages that get more number of links, like the home, contact

Questions to be asked before choosing an SEO agency

Have you ever had a bad experience using an SEO agency? It seems like every entrepreneur has heard SEO bad stories or has one themselves. Are they an SEO agency or a Digital agency? An organization that offers numerous digital services more often than not doesn’t have practical experience in SEO. Numerous digital agencies begin off as website design organizations, then start extending their services to include Google Ads Management, Hosting, SEO and Graphic design. The issue with this is that the staff they have working on Search Engine Optimization is normally somebody familiar with the service, however not a

Website redesign mistakes that destroy SEO

An essential part of marketing is redesigning a website, whether it’s your client’s or your own. It is important because trends, expectations and technology of clients change over time, and if we want to stay competitive in the market, we must keep pace with these things. This task is important but also risky from an SEO perspective. Many things can go wrong during this task. In certain cases, some mistakes can also result in penalties. Changing page URLs or Deleting pages without redirecting them During redesigning the website, many web designers’ removes or rename the webpages and consider the task

Integration of offline and online for the best overall result

Do you remember the days when the ‘Giants’ of traditional media had to learn digital ways? Now digital natives must get educated about Television, print and billboards. Nowadays, Digital Marketers are big supporters of Online Advertising, as you may expect, but offline –Out of Home, TV and Print –still has a bigger role to play in present campaigns. All things considered, despite the fact that digital is growing rapidly, global online spend is not projected to catch up with offline until 2020. Since each medium has its advantages and disadvantages, I’m not going to pit them against one another —

Hidden PPC traffic killers

Are you fed up with your PPC campaign? Is your PPC campaign behaving rudely and blocking out perfectly acceptable traffic? If the advertiser’s business model and a pay-per-click (PPC) account are functioning reasonably well, we frequently find that a business owner becomes heavily dependent on the PPC channel. In the event that you’ve arrived late on the PPC scene, you probably won’t know that previous account managers assumed the channel was “naughty” and that PPC should have been gotten control over. Indeed, there are sources of cash bleed in any PPC account, yet there are drawbacks to an excessively defensive

3 Pay per click (PPC) mistakes you are probably making in your campaigns

Most common pay per click mistakes can be simply rectified. With additional awareness, effort and time, you can manage your optimization strategy to focus on Return on invest (ROI) rather than CPA and get better results. Here are the top three mistakes you are probably making in your campaigns: When you are optimizing for hard conversion rather than soft ones One of the greatest difficulties looked by PPC marketers is attempting to optimize for an action at the bottom of the funnel (i.e., sales) when the campaigns don’t have the budget or traffic to make enough conversions. The route around

3 simple ways to improve your digital marketing

With the correct tools and a little bit of know-how, in any case, you’ll have the capacity to quantify your content’s effectiveness and avoid pandemonium. Here are four different ways to enhance your digital marketing today. Optimize your SEO Track your social channels Access your tech Let’s dive into each one. Optimize your SEO While Search Engine Optimization may be normally said more inside B2C circles, it’s similarly as essential to review your SEO score inside the B2B environment. To put it basically, if it’s not something users can discover on the web, B2B ventures run the risk of falling

Here’s a guide to choosing the best content format for link building

Considering making a GIF or infographic as a way to attract links? Here’s a list of the advantages and disadvantages of various visual elements and their effectiveness at attracting links. There are top four content formats used in link building: GIF Interactive Long-form content Let’s dive into each one. GIFs GIFs have had a resurgence over the most recent couple of years, and as you’ll see from the chart above, GIFs do very well for us when it comes to content-driven link building. A GIF is an incredible centre ground between a static realistic and an interactive. You can accomplish

Facebook is combining app, website, offline purchase data into one view for advertisers

The Social media giant, Facebook is about to combine app, website and offline purchase data into one single view for advertisers and marketers. In the recent announcement, Facebook said it is adding the list of action marketers can track across their app, offline channels and websites. Application, website and offline cost metrics now a single data point Formerly, marketers had three different data points to analyse cost metrics by channel. For example Cost per Mobile App Purchase, Cost per Offline Purchase and Cost per Website Purchase are all now combined under a single Cost per Purchase metric. Social media giant,

The basic of working with Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon is now doing more or less everything. Amazon is not only providing retail product, they also provide music, cloud computing, video and groceries, even they have opened a few physical bookstores. Amazon has launched Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) at US, Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and UK. AMS and PPC aren’t so different Amazon marketing services is as good as Google AdWords. As Google AdWords has the advantage of being older, even more popular, there are some important similarities between AMS and AdWords: AMS and PPC both have an application program interface(API) AMS and PPC both are keyword driven