The basic of working with Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon is now doing more or less everything. Amazon is not only providing retail product, they also provide music, cloud computing, video and groceries, even they have opened a few physical bookstores. Amazon has launched Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) at US, Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and UK. AMS and PPC aren’t so different Amazon marketing services is as good as Google AdWords. As Google AdWords has the advantage of being older, even more popular, there are some important similarities between AMS and AdWords: AMS and PPC both have an application program interface(API) AMS and PPC both are keyword driven

Amazon Launches 2-hour Grocery Delivery Service in Delhi & Mumbai

Amazon Now, the 2 hour grocery delivery service has been launched in Delhi and Mumbai after a very successful response in Bengaluru. Using Amazon Now, customers can order every day essentials like fruits, vegetables etc. The order will be delivered within 2 hours. The Amazon Now app can be downloaded from the Play Store here. “Amazon Now has witnessed an amazing uptake by customers in Bengaluru. The positive response prompted us to expand to Delhi and Mumbai, to be able to service our customers in these cities too and enable them to shop for their everyday essentials and get them