Boost your search rankings in SERP using only internal linking strategy

Linking content within a website transfers value and importance between web pages. Considerably, more importantly, internal links show your site’s structure. They assist users with navigating and web crawlers to understand your site. A good internal linking strategy makes it simpler for your web pages to be indexed and to rank, and in addition increase conversion rates and CTR for users who can find what they are searching for. Basic principles of internal linking: Internal linking is so powerful that it can (unexpectedly) give unparalleled lifts to generally low-value pages that get more number of links, like the home, contact

5 Qualities of a great website content writer

What do the best and sought after site content writers have in common? A lot as it seems. Web content writing is the most flourishing and concentrated professions in recent times. With the net blast opening up more newer playing fields for a wide assortment of businesses, the requirement for highly talented and capable web content writers is developing constantly. Top 5 qualities of a great content writer – Strong research skills Best content writers are additionally meticulous explorers and researchers who investigate every possibility with respect to homing on inputs, insights, crucial information and other aspects related to their

LinkedIn launches Dynamic Ads into Campaign Manager Platform

Marketers and Advertisers will be able to create, manage and promote Dynamic Ad campaigns and will also be able to track their Ad performance using LinkedIn’s ad management tool. In July, LinkedIn launched a newly redesigned Campaign Manager platform, now LinkedIn is bringing its Dynamic Ad product to the new ad management tool. Companies and Businesses using LinkedIn Dynamic Ads will now be able to manage, create and track campaigns through the Campaign Manager Platform. Ayusman Sarangi, LinkedIn Principal Product Manager, said,” Creative is automatically personalized with each member’s profile info, like their photo, first name, company, job title and

A new service to find data from government, sciences, some news organizations: Google Dataset Search

By using Google Dataset schema, we can mark up our data to get it added in the new Google Dataset Search Engine. Google revealed a new speciality search feature named Google Dataset Search that is powered partially by the dataset schema. Google said,” Google Dataset Search allows searchers to find datasets on many topics across social and environmental science, as well as from the other topics including data provided by news organizations and government data.” This dataset search feature will be used by data journals, scientists, data geeks and anyone who is willing to get data behind the specific topic

Google’s exact match close variants expand again: Now include same meaning variations

Google’s exact match keyword targeting means the keyword needed to coordinate precisely whatever query the searcher used. At that point, close variations came into the mix, and that definition has relentlessly transformed over the past few years. To start with, the inclusion of incorrect spellings, plurals and other similar variants came in 2014, and after that, in 2017, function words and different word order took hold. Now phase three is here. On Thursday, Google reported another change to what are viewed as close variants of an exact match keyword to include varieties that offer same meaning as the keyword, including

4 ways to avoid indexing issues and duplicate content on your e-commerce website

Before a webpage can rank well, it needs to be crawled and indexed. More than some other kind of website, e-commerce sites are well-known for developing URL structures that create indexing and crawling issues with the search engines. 4 ways to keep your e-commerce website’s indexation optimal. Optimize sitemaps, navigation links and robots.txt file These three components are key to strong indexation. It is imperative to note Google and Bing’s rules still say pages ought to be reachable from at least one link, and sitemaps by no means disqualify the significance of this. The most important thing is to make

Google updates user management and rights in Google Search Console

Google’s update in Search Console – a collection of tools to help website owners, marketers, webmasters and SEO professional monitor website performance in the Google search index – alter the way user permission, user management and rights work, making users more accountable. Here are the important changes happening now and in the near future: The new Search Console enables you to share a read-only view of many reports, including AMP, Mobile usability and Index coverage. Google added better history tracking to show which user perform which significant property-affecting modifications such as changing a setting, submitting a new site map or

More automation from Google Ads is good for PPC careers and tool makers

We’re currently all adjusting in accordance with the new interface of Google Ads. Change at what was formerly called AdWords is constant, and a portion of the greatest adjustments we’ll have to acclimate to may still be in store. Automation is growing our market Expecting that over a long haul, most PPC tasks will be fully automated, we can start moving to a new role where humans add a lot of value. Smart campaigns are an evolution of AdWords Express to help small local firms and businesses advertiser. Smart Shopping campaigns are a simple way to get a great return

When it comes to bid management, there is no reason to manage bid manually

There is no reason to manage bid manually, let the machines do the heavy lifting. It is best to automate the tedious work humans used to do to calculate Cost Per Click (CPC). The rise of automated bidding Where once bid management was as basic as setting a maximum CPC, things got more intricate after some time as Google presented new levers for bid adjustments to control bids for geographic locations, devices, dayparting, demographics and now, custom audience. With that numerous adjustments, a single keyword alone could require upwards of 10,000 bids to account for every possible situation. This is

Email Marketing turned 40 this year. Now what?

Email Marketing is presently the best digital marketing channel for businesses across all industries. According to a Relevancy Group study conducted with OneSpot, the channel was responsible for 20% of the average business’s revenue in 2017. Given the measure of revenue email generated, it’s nothing unexpected that email marketing has turned into an exceedingly advance practice. The present email marketers use personalization, strategic segmentation and content development strategies to stand out in crowded inboxes and maximize conversions. The future of email marketing There is no doubt that email marketing has made some amazing progress over the last 40 years. Despite