Hidden PPC traffic killers

Are you fed up with your PPC campaign? Is your PPC campaign behaving rudely and blocking out perfectly acceptable traffic?


If the advertiser’s business model and a pay-per-click (PPC) account are functioning reasonably well, we frequently find that a business owner becomes heavily dependent on the PPC channel.

In the event that you’ve arrived late on the PPC scene, you probably won’t know that previous account managers assumed the channel was “naughty” and that PPC should have been gotten control over. Indeed, there are sources of cash bleed in any PPC account, yet there are drawbacks to an excessively defensive stance.

Here are the ways your PPC account may be blocking out perfectly acceptable traffic:

  • Over –negativing

There are several different ways that negative keywords can hamstring an account manager. One is the broad match negative that essentially cuts too far into query flow.

Different times, however, the negatives (and keywords bids themselves) should be more careful.

A high number of negatives can likewise be a red flag. Are the keywords, match types or bids inappropriate? Is the campaign applicable? With a high number of negatives, it’s hard to filter through them all to separate the wise from the silly.

Sometimes it’s important to eliminate a group of them and begin again (with better campaign strategy). This might be the situation when new attribution data gives better credit to higher-funnel interactions.

Take the example query “hipster beef jerky recipes.” People are looking for the recipes, not the jerky. Except that sometimes, they come back later via a remarketing ad and buy a carload of jerky.


  • IP blocking using a click fraud detection service

Depending upon how things function where you live, a given IP address may be related with hundreds or thousands of users.

For my money, Google seems to be doing a quite great job with click fraud nowadays. It may be the case that the click fraud software is really costing you business. At any rate, question its suspicions and tinker with the settings.

ip blocking

  • Failure to use broad match

Some account manager does the perfectly reasonable fear of broad match, and we see far too rely on exact match keywords.

We all love exact match. Yet, in the event that growth is the thing that you look for, at that point you have to cast a wider net. You may even need to run ordinary broad match or dynamic search ads to help with ongoing query research. With a growth, outlook comes extra work and extra risk.

Yash Mandlesha

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