Boost your search rankings in SERP using only internal linking strategy

Linking content within a website transfers value and importance between web pages.

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Considerably, more importantly, internal links show your site’s structure. They assist users with navigating and web crawlers to understand your site. A good internal linking strategy makes it simpler for your web pages to be indexed and to rank, and in addition increase conversion rates and CTR for users who can find what they are searching for.

Basic principles of internal linking:

  • Internal linking is so powerful that it can (unexpectedly) give unparalleled lifts to generally low-value pages that get more number of links, like the home, contact and about pages.
  • Internal links are important to the point that Google presently considers that 1000 is a “sensible number” of links per webpage. Remember that, this includes each and every link in the menu, header, footer and sidebar.
  • Internal links from healthy and fresh content pass fresh value, and can, accordingly, flag new content to Google, helping new pages get crawled.
  • The more internal links a webpage gets, the more value Google gives it. Internal links enable Google to decide the importance of a webpage concerning alternate pages on your site.

Boost your page ranking by reducing page depth

  • Expanding the number of high-level categories. By doubling the number of categories listed on the home page, more pages inside those categories were set nearer to the home page.
  • Expanding the quantity of similar or recommended pages that show up on product pages or job postings. This is a method for expanding internal links inside a category, or between related categories, conveying a portion of the deeper pages to a shallower level.
  • Decreasing the number of browsable pages in a category’s listing. In the event that a category’s seven pages are decreased to five, the URLs listed on the 6th and 7th pages all climb at least two clicks in depth.

Internal linking strategies can increase site authority on a subject, improve click-through rate, and boost rankings through direct influence on ranking factors like click depth and page importance.

Yash Mandlesha

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